Claud has been hunting the Southwest Louisiana rice fields for over 25 years.  Claud will tell you that while he has hunted ducks and geese in South America, Canada, Utah, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Texas, it is better at home with his friends.


Our goal is to offer a groups of 2-8 hunters a water fowl experience that is second to none. We keep our hunting groups small to offer you the best and individualized hunting experience.


When the opportunity came available to pick up an entire farm for waterfowl hunting, he jumped at the chance. Specklebelly Lodge LLC also has other blinds for the members use. The guides that work at the lodge are all guides Claud has hunted with for at least ten years. None of these guides are just guides, they are friends.



Larry used to skip school, ride his bike to the marsh and shoot ducks. He would then sell the ducks and buy shells. When he got home, his momma would whip him and he would sneak out the next morning to shoot more ducks. It has been about forty years since he rode his last bike. It has only been a few months since he called in his last goose. Some habits, a fella just can’t quit.



James is the co owner of Riceland game calls. James has been building and selling calls for a while now. James has an established customer base from Arkansas to Russia. James has guided his Russian clients here and in Russia. James can build your call, teach you to blow it and let you shoot your birds as you call them in.



Davis has fished and hunted in Southwest Louisiana all his life. He has guided at camps for 30 years. You won’t find a nicer guide.  Davis will do his best for you to have a good time.


None are better. From Big Hunter and Nelli to little Roux Roux. (Yep, she is a cocker spaniel) – They get the birds. Dolly will keep your bed safe. Your well-trained dog is welcome at the guide’s discretion.  Nothing is better than a well-trained retriever but nothing is worse than a poorly trained retriever.